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Your Taxi Sydney options...
When you need to book a taxi in Sydney, your options are not limited to taxi Sydney services. Although there are many different great taxi Sydney companies which you may choose from. Some taxi Sydney companies which you may consider traveling with include:
Click on any of the above taxi company names to get contact details and an image of the taxi fleet.

If you know of any other taxi Sydney company which should be listed here, but is not, feel free to send us a message using our feedback form!
Considering a Cab in Sydney?
A list of factors which you should consider when thinking the traditional taxi Sydney service:
  • Online/Phone bookings: A taxi company which you chose to book with should be one which allows easy online bookings for transfers in Sydney. Depending on the Taxi Sydney company which you choose to book with, they may not offer a good online booking system where you are guaranteed a taxi. So be sure to book with a company which you know is reliable with online bookings.
  • Vehicle Maintenance: An important factor to consider is the quality of the taxi Sydney vehicle. This is generally the reason consumers may prefer alternative chauffeur driven luxury services. In comparison to your traditional Sydney taxi ford or holden, other companies may offer luxury state of the art sedans which are kept in mint condition and are more often than not the later models of the cars. With spacious interiors and traditional long wheel base vehicles, the comfort generally supersedes a taxi Sydney option for most consumers..
  • Chauffeur presentation: Most taxi Sydney operators are trained to be courteous and friendly which is a great thing! However if you are looking for a taxi service which involves a transfer where your chauffeur shows up in a new suit, a tie, great attire and a friendly smile ready to do your transfer? Well this may be the sort of service you can expect in premium taxi companies which generally charge a little more or alternatively limo sedan companies which require pre-booking!
Taxi Sydney Extras
Many of the taxi bookings in Sydney do require some extras such as:
  • Taxi with Baby Seat
  • Taxi with Booster Seat
  • Taxi with a Luggage Trailer
Many taxi Sydney companies may be able to offer you some of the above services, however it is rare to have a standard taxi service with a baby seat or booster seat or luggage trailer in the car.

When requiring a baby seat or booster seat it is a good idea to call the company before booking and making clear the requirement and checking to see whether the option is available and what the surcharge is.

Alternatively, if deciding to book a chauffeured option above, these extras are definitely offered with many transfers so be sure to inquire and request the quote for the transfer.
Chauffeured Sedan- little more than a Taxi Sydney price!
It's no secret that hailing a taxi Sydney without pre-booking can be really difficult in a busy area on a busy time of day. Which is why we have introduced a new philosophy... A luxury chauffeured Sydney service at a taxi Sydney rate...we call it the OmniCar difference!

We offer some transfer rates which are at about the same rate as using a cab in Sydney. Try out a transfer from Sydney domestic airport to Sydney CBD.. ONLY $47 Plus Tolls.

Please keep in mind though, when booking a chauffeured limo sedan with us, there are some additional changes for waiting time if the chauffeur is forced to wait for the passenger at the pickup location or tolls etc. For full details visit the OmniCar legal page.

Use our booking/quote form on the top of the screen to make a reservation today!

The type of vehicles you could expect to travel in when booking online with OmniCar include:
Taxi Sydney Service Taxi Sydney Service
Payment Methods
When traveling around Sydney in a Taxi, generally the following payment methods are accepted:
  • Cash
  • American Express
  • Diners
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Cab charge
The chauffeur booking form at the top of the page (by OmniCar) allows you to pay by American Express Credit Card, Diners, Visa and MasterCard.

Sydney, Australia

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For more information about our great city, visit the Sydney wikipedia page!
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Taxi Alternative
Taxi Sydney or a Cab Sydney?
Although it is generally a question which makes a lot of people think, there is actually absolutely no difference between a "Taxi" and a "Cab". Both of the terms are used synonymously and they both mean the same thing. Hiring a taxi in Sydney would be just the same thing as hiring a cab in Sydney.

So if there is absolutely no difference, why are the two words used in Sydney?

Basically, the original term Cab was used in the original forms of transfers. Horse-drawn vehicles available for hire were called a 'cab' (short for cabriolet). The name was kept on most peoples tongues in Sydney, and the world as the companies upgraded from horses to motorized vehicles. The name Taxi came about from the taximeter which is used in the vehicle to calculate the cost of the transfer.

In conclusion, whether you wish to hire a cab in Sydney or a taxi in Sydney, we provide you with a list of companies who provide these services in Sydney!